New to Loose Eyeshadows?

Whether you’re new to loose eyeshadows or have been using them for years, I’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks below to get the best out of them.

  • Open your jars with care. While those little plastic sifters help cut down on the mess, they’re not exactly eco-friendly, so we decided to ditch them.
  • I recommend applying your favorite eyeshadow primer prior to applying your eyeshadow, especially when using it in loose form. It helps with fallout and really grabs the pigments, allowing for longer wear time – and it really makes the colors pop!
  • Tap a little of the eyeshadow into the jar lid. This helps control how much product you’re using. You could just go all in and dip your brush directly into the jar too. Whatever you prefer!
  • Dip your brush into the eyeshadow, tap the excess off, and gently pat it over your eyelid. This helps lessen any fallout that may occur. You can use your finger instead of a brush, if that’s your thing. Just make sure you’ve washed your hands first! 
  • Apply was much as you want until your desired look is achieved. 
  • In the event of fallout, simply brush it away with a clean makeup brush or use a piece of tape and gently tap it over the fallout. This picks up the stray makeup without making it smudge all over your face!
  • Our loose eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry. Applying it wet will give you a much more dramatic look, but PLEASE make sure you do NOT dip a wet brush into the jar. Tap a little of the eyeshadow out into the lid, dampen your brush, then dip it into the eyeshadow that’s in the lid. Make sure you wipe the lid clean when you’re done.